Game Play Q&A

Here are some answers to common game play questions. If you have additional questions that arise during your golf game, please feel free to email!



Q: Can people of different golf skills levels play each other? 

A: Yes! That's a main feature of this game. There are 5 levels of play that golfers can choose to play at based on their skill level. Unless everyone in the group is exactly the same skill level, we would expect different players to play at different levels. 


Q: Can I play this game at home?

A: Unfortunately, no. It does have a standard deck of cards, so you could use it for that, but this is a golf game and is designed to be played on the golf course. 


Q: Does this game affect my golf game or my score at all?

A: Nope! It was designed so it works adjacent to your game and you still keep your own golf score. No mulligans or gimmes in this deck, so get out there and hit them how you will!


Q: Can I play on a Par 3 Course?

A: You can, but there may be some cards that won't work, such as the DRIVER card which can only be played on Par 4s and 5s. In this case, play those cards as blank cards or more Closest to the Pins!




Q: Do I have to use my card abilities?

A: Nope! While it is recommended to play your abilities as often as possible, it's totally up to you. And if you have a good hand, why risk it?


Q: Can I opt not to use a card once I announce it if I haven't teed off yet?

A: Losing faith so quickly? No, once it's announced, you're locked in (unless you are unable to play it via too many Group cards or ineligible on a hole)


Q: Can I use the CART PATH card to double up on Bets or Group Challenges?

A: Absolutely! It's the total number of cards gained on the hole. 


Q: Does the HAZARD card also work against Bets, Discards and Group Challenges?

A: Bets, yes. It's essentially the reverse of the CART PATH. Discard: You do not "lose" Discard cards, so it doesn't work against them. Group: You never lose cards from Group Challenges, so it wouldn't effect that.

As you turn in lost Bet cards in step 2 of the hole resolution, make sure you keep track of them for the final tally if a HAZARD has been played. 

In regards to RIVER cards: the cards that you are collecting do not count against the Carth Path because if you "lose" them, they were never actually in your hand. So you would just lose 2 cards - 1 for the River Card and another (doubled). 


Q: If I putt from off the green, does that count as a putt?

A: Did you use your putter? If so, then yes. Don't like it? Learn to chip!


Q: What happens if you use a DRIVER on a dog leg?

A: It's long drive. So the longest drive wins. If there's a tie on a dog leg, it would be closest to the hole. 




Is your question not answered here? We support house rules until we have time to respond! In fact, we love house rules so much, we'd love to hear yours as well!