Tips for a Great Game

Put something on the game.

Like most games, if you don’t have anything invested in the outcome, you’re not going to care as much. So raise the stakes and put something on it! This is a wagering game after all, so make it interesting. It’s handicapped for individual golfers to level the playing field, so anyone has a shot to win!


Read the instructions before you get to the course. 

The game itself is pretty simple, but you're going to want to check out the instructions before you get to the course. Trying to figure anything out while you're playing golf is frustrating in itself!


Play your cards!

You know the old saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it”… well that can definitely be true here. One bad hole could take that card you've been waiting on out of your hand before you’re able to use it, putting you farther behind your opponents. So use your card abilities when you can!


Combo your cards when you can.

There is no limit to how many cards you can play on a hole. So if you have the opportunity to play a few cards that work well with one another... capitalize on that for sure. 


Make side bets!

The rules are structured a certain way, but this is supposed to be fun - so make it your own! If you have clever side bets to make that fits your golf course, go for it!


Be honest about your handicap. 

Been telling everyone you're a 15 when you're closer to a 20? You're gonna be in trouble with this game. Feel like you're not gaining cards at all? We highly recommend playing the front 9 at the higher level and then the back 9 at a lower. It's not cheating - we wrote it on the LEVELS card for a reason!



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